IT Аcademy

  • Automation Testing Quality Control

    Development of automated tests to control product quality.

  • JAVA

    Development of Web-applications using Java technologies.

  • .NET

    Development of Web-applications using С# and .NET tools.

  • Manual Quality Control

    Manual software testing, software quality control.

  • iOS

    Development of iPhone/iPad applications.

  • UX

    Studying of fundamental principles of User Centered Design methodology and projecting of human controlled interaction (HCI).

  • LAMP

    Development of the Web-oriented software for Linux platforms using Python/ Django or Ruby-on-Rails.

  • Database

    Development of relational database using Microsoft SQL Server tools.

  • DevOps

    Flexible methodologies in configuration management.

  • JavaScript (UI)

    Development of Web-applications using JavaScript.


    Development of cross-browser Web pages using HTML and CSS.

Certification Center

  • Gain a professional certification to prove your knowledge!

    After passing a certification exam, an employee becomes 20% more efficient.

  • Gain a professional certification to prove your knowledge!

    96% of respondents with the highest salaries in IT industry, said they were certified.

  • Gain a professional certification to prove your knowledge!

    Certified teams are 28% more productive.

  • Gain a professional certification to prove your knowledge!

    55% of project managers, who hire IT professionals, show a preference for certified candidates.


Meet up with an expert in Chernivtsi, .NET
26 Jan 2015
On Thursday, January 22, our office was visited by many interested young people.
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Anniversary Group at IT Academy
21 Jan 2015
On January 16, 50th anniversary group has finished its studying at SoftServe IT Academy in Ivano-Frankivsk.
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SoftServe joins Bulgarian Software Association, BASSCOM
19 Jan 2015
SoftServe now a member of leading association for Bulgarian software companies association. BASSCOM, the biggest association of software development companies in Bulgaria.
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Ho-Ho-Ho Merry Christmas!
15 Jan 2015
In Bulgaria Christmas is one of the biggest holidays and, for sure, brings a lot of excitement for children and adults. We started feeling the Christmas spirit in late November when we initiated our Christmas Tree decoration. Of course, everyone was engaged and day by day our tree was starting to look more and more festive.
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IT Certification: 2014 Summaries and News 2015
06 Jan 2015
The desire to become a certified specialist in the chosen field is spreading very quickly among IT professionals.
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