Quality Control for Cloud Computing

Manual software testing, software quality control.

What do we suggest?

  • Our modern education methods will help you to get theoretical and practical skills in manual software testing and quality control;
  • By analyzing the real projects you will learn techniques and instruments of project requirements analysis, creating test-plans, writing test-cases, finding and tracking the defects;
  • The course is expanded – 13 weeks compared to 9 in the traditional course.
  • Theoretical and practical tasks on Linux Fundamental, Networking, MySQL, Scripting: Python, Bash, Virtualization will be added.
  • Course graduates will have opportunities of receiving job offers in the direction of traditional testing and in the direction of projects oriented on “cloud” technologies.

Who can apply?

  • Do you have the practical experience in working with ОС MS Windows and Linux?
  • Is your level of English Intermediate+?
  • Do you have the basic knowledge in algorithms and one of the programming languages?
  • Do you have the basic knowledge of relational database theory?
  • In candidates selection process more valuable for the candidate is having technical background and basic experience in working with Linux.
  • Additionally, the ability to read technical documentation is evaluated.

Recommended Reading

  • Lisa Crispin, Janet Gregory Agile Testing: A Practical Guide for Testers and Agile Teams.
  • Allen G.Taylor  SQL For Dummies®, 5th Edition Wiley Publishing, Inc.
  • Bruce Eckel  Thinking in Java. 4th Edition (chapters: Preface, Introduction, Introduction to Objects, Everything Is an Object, Operators, Controlling Execution.

Тестови задания

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