SoftServe’s experience in software development resulted in the concept of Abiliton.

Abiliton — a unique approach to software development based on effective team work of highly qualified professionals, use of agile development methodology, and advanced technologies, bringing forth the improvement of software development process.

Abiliton is a system of specially developed certification, requiring not only theoretical knowledge, proved by passing a certification exam, but also practical skills, work experience, the necessary English level and external certification. Every Abiliton qualification level (Junior, Intermediate, Senior) has a detailed description of its own requirements.

Abiliton™ uses a number of standards and is based on such concepts:


We have developed knowledge of which practices are important and that deliver specific value, either in improving time to market, flexibility, quality or cost. And we came to understand which practices don’t provide specific value or possibly even destroy value due to superfluous overhead or rigidity.

We constantly improve our best methodologies; we determine the best ways to apply the best of CMMI to SCRUM projects, the best way to use distributed teams while remaining true to the principles of Agile teams.


By People we mean a team of professionals whose certified level of knowledge and skills has been recognized by leaders of the global software development industry. People are the Company’s pride and a pledge of its success. SoftServe has developed a unique competence management system to ensure ongoing professional growth of its personnel. The system sets professional requirements to every professional level and role in the company, and also recommends the employees a training system, training materials and steps needed to achieve higher levels.


The concept Processes means a unique method which is applied to create products for our clients. The method is based on best practices in providing consulting services and developing software which are carefully selected and aligned to attain with each other in order to have the best value for the client.


The concept Tools means an advanced technological toolkit used to ensure high efficiency of the company’s activity. Tools selected according to Abiliton requirements include both adjusted coding and testing environments and project planning and management systems, etc. Project teams’ performance is significantly increased due to the corporate artifact library, which contains the best code and software solution samples.

Abiliton™ People

Abiliton certified employees have more opportunities for professional improvement and career growth because the system creates “career steps”, clear requirements for each of them and workshops and training sessions to successfully climb them. Besides, Abiliton is acknowledgement of a developer’s high professionalism from our customers and global software industry.


External Certification
Knowledge Evaluation
Performance Appraisal
Project Assignment

Abiliton Certification™