Ukrainian nationwide dialog Principium will be held for the second time in Lviv with support from SoftServe

Wednesday December 7th, 2016
Company News
On December 8-10, in Lviv, Ukrainian nationwide dialog of cultural, political and social environments Principium will be held for the second time. The slogan of this year’s event: “We are building the society of a dialogue”.

This year among the speakers will feature Myroslava Gongadze, Ostap Stupka, Myroslav Marynovych, Andriy Sadovyy, Zurab Alasaniia, Mykola Kniazhytskyy, Dmytro Shymkiv, Taras Vervega and others.

“The dialog is what helps millions of voices unite in one and speak loudly. The history of independent Ukraine contains several examples of similar things”, claims co-founder and BoD member, SoftServe, co-founder and Bod member of Union of Ukrainian Entrepreneurs, Taras Vervega. “Thanks to such initiatives as Nationwide dialogue Principium, representatives from different fields of our society: governors, businessmen, educators, scientists, active citizens and volunteers can lead the constructive conversation and find the common recipes of moving forward.”

Youth organization “Dream Big” is the organizer of the discussion. It operates under the patronal of Ukrainian Catholic University. For the second year in the row, SoftServe is a partner at this event.

On its first day, the event will be held at SoftServe HQ on Sadova 2a St., 8 and 9 December – on the premises of Ukrainian Catholic University on Kozelnytska 2a St.

Participation in the event is free, but prior registration is required https://goo.gl/dDUyhe, entrance fee at the day of the event: 50 UAH. More details on the website http://principium.tilda.ws/

Event organizers also invite everyone who is interested to II Nationwide dialog Principium Party, which will take place on December 9 in FEST republic. Among the invited guests: Eskender Isliamov – participant of the “Voice” show, PIANO – winners of American “Academy Award”, Artisto – author of the Euromaidan anthem, Zatmi, Dj FUNKflasher. The funds from the ticket sales will be used to compensate the organizational costs of the conference. Welcome!