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Wednesday May 20th, 2015
IT Academy News
New offers from SoftServe IT Academy – courses and internship!

In 2006 SoftServe founded its own IT Academy to teach and prepare young IT experts who could join SoftServe team. Since then for almost 10 consecutive years, the company is investing into educating experts in various IT directions, teaching students in certain directions, based on company needs.

Nowadays, SoftServe IT Academy is conducting an education in such basic directions as manual and automated testing, software development using various programming languages (Java, C#, Ruby, Python, Objective C etc.), DevOps and UX. The main employer of IT Academy graduates is, of course, SoftServe, that employs almost 70% of graduates.

Technologies walk hand in hand with time, the number of IT directions increase each year, the programs are being updated constantly to adjust to the cutting edge technologies. Along with all this increases the number of people eager to study and gain practical skills at SoftServe IT Academy. But due to limited number of places in groups, a lot of those applicants are being refused in being accepted into the groups even despite their level of knowledge. We receive a lot of requests to add new groups.

Based on these requests, SoftServe IT academy decided to launch additional groups to give the opportunity to study for many other students! Such groups will be launched on separate conditions, in addition to groups planned and requested by SoftServe.  

Starting from now, courses running at SoftServe IT Academy, will be divided into two categories:

 commercial Financed by SoftServe. These groups will be launched and financed by SoftServe, based on company needs. Educational program is targeted at  educating experts according to company needs with the special accent on using corporate instruments, company practices in software development, solutions examples etc. The peculiarity of studying in such groups is that their graduates will not only receive theoretical knowledge and practical skills but also will be obtaining them on the basis of best SoftServe company practice and standards. Such approach allows to minimize the adaptation time of a young specialist at company workplace.
 free IT Academy open groups. Graduates of this category of courses will receive general knowledge and skills of the chosen educational direction. The practical part of the course is based on SoftServe instruments and standards but it won’t be limited to them. Knowledge and skills received during the studying will be more general which will give the graduates the opportunity to start their career at any other IT company. The same as in groups, financed by SoftServe, development experts will help students in their studies, and share their experience. Open groups will be financed by the participants.

You can receive a detailed information about courses of both categories and planned start of the groups at Educational Courses and Schedule of IT Academy Courses on our website.

SoftServe IT Academy offers its graduates one more unique opportunity to receive practical experience – a possibility of involvement into projects which are realized in the scope of SoftServe’s social initiatives. The best company experts, architects, business analysts and UX designers take an active part in the development of a range of Open Source projects that are about such important questions as electronic government in Ukraine and others. The best SoftServe IT Academy graduates can join our social initiative as volunteers and not only take part in a useful activities but also receive additional, real experience in working at real projects, working with interesting people and experienced highly qualified specialists. Gain experienced from the best experts!

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