SoftServe volunteers planted about 500 trees

Tuesday April 11th, 2017
Company News
On March 25 a green SoftServe initiative "Plant a Plant - Save the Land" took place in Lviv, Ivano-Frankivsk, Chernivtsi, Rivne, Kiev, Dnipro, Wroclaw and Sofia.

A total of 100 SoftServe employees with families joined the event. Volunteers of the company planted more than 470 trees and shrubs in the parks and squares of cities where SoftServe development centers are located.


“Different clean-ups are initiated in our company annually. This year, we decided to plant trees that will make our cities more beautiful and greener. Unlike cleaning, the result will remain for a longer period of time, – commented Ksenia Romanyuta, SoftServe CSR manager. Now the company is implementing a number of environmental initiatives. In particular, this spring, SoftServe joined the global initiative Earth Hour, we also launched several internal programs in the direction of resources management”.

In Lviv, the action was held with the support of the Charity Fund “Principle of Synergy”.

In April, SoftServe team in Kharkiv will take over the “Plant a Plant – Save the Land” initiative, the green events are also planned to be held in the American offices of the company.