SoftServe success story revealed in a book “10 successful Ukrainian brands

Tuesday May 30th, 2017
Company News
May 19, 2017, during Book Arsenal event, the book "10 successful Ukrainian brands" was presented.

It is one of the first Ukrainian books in the genre of business literature. The book reveals the stories of successful development of Ukrainian companies, and contains a number of interviews with the founders of businesses. Among the heroes of the book are !FEST, FEDORIV, Sammy Icon, SoftServe, Tabletochki, “OKKO”, “Ukrainska Pravda”, UCU, Publishers Forum, the Center of Contemporary Arts “DAKH”.

The book describes the founders’ brand development strategies, crisis issues & solutions, as well as what helped them to differentiate companies from competitors. These are true and inspiring stories about the establishment of business; stories about huge dedication, mistakes and success, very hard still rewarding efforts.

The appearance of SoftServe success story in the book is not accidental, because today SoftServe is the largest global IT company with Ukrainian roots. Its history began in Lviv with one rented computer and a group of young entrepreneurs who had the idea and persistence to bring it to life. Founded in 1993 in Lviv, SoftServe has 29 offices in 9 countries. The company employs over 4,500 professionals with 4,300 of them located in Ukraine. From the stories of company founders Yaroslav Lyubinets, Taras Kytsmey and Taras Vervega readers find out about the challenges they faced and decisions they made on their way to building a successful global business.

The book “10 successful Ukrainian brands” will be a unique source of useful experience and inspiration for those who want to change themselves and the world around them. You can buy a book online or in bookstores.