E-Learning Team

All the employees in the company care about their professional development and training is one of the main methods to ensure success in this direction. However, as it usually happens, with all these routine tasks, we barely have time to study and more and more often we try to look for opportunities to receive the knowledge in the most efficient way. In the heyday of information technologies, one of the most convenient methods of learning is e-learning, development of which within our company is the core responsibility of the special department of SoftServe University – E-Learning Team.


E-Learning Team department was founded in late 2013 and its main task is to create electronic courses according to the needs of the company, applying best practices in the studying area.

In our electronic courses catalog you can find courses related to various areas: Software Development and Design, Quality Control, Project Management, Software Architecture, Healthcare, Human & Resources, Education. We are constantly working on creating the new courses and updating the existing ones.

We focus on professional approaches in the electronic courses development, that is why we always keep an eye on the development of standards and approaches while creating the learning materials. The important role also plays the environment where they are created. Since the main training components today are multimedia facilities, we have arranged a special room to record video lessons. The room is equipped with chroma key screen, prompter, professional video camera and other necessary equipment.


Along with the electronic tools for professional courses development, we pay a lot of attention to platform that has all the necessary functions to control the learning process.


With the advent of e-courses, it became even more convenient and flexible for our employees to plan their studies by choosing on their own when it is better to study. This approach will definitely turn the learning process into more useful and interesting.