Web UI

Development of cross-browser Web pages using HTML and CSS.

What do we suggest?

  • Together with real professionals in their field you can get the practical knowledge in creation of HTML-markup and using of CSS-styles. You will get to know how to make your web design fail-safe, modern, and cross-browser.
  • Apart from that, you will learn how to use modern version control system SVN, get practical skills in coding in LESS programming language and get to know such methodology of team development as SCRUM.
  • On this course you will get the opportunity to use your theoretical knowledge by doing practical tasks, sharing experience and knowledge with your colleagues under the supervision of our experts.

Who can apply?

  • Do you have basic knowledge in creating of web pages using HTML, CSS and JavaScript programming languages?
  • Is your level of English Intermediate+?
  • Are you ready for calm and meticulous work?

Recommended Reading

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