Web UI (Full Stack)

Development of Web-applications using JavaScript.

What do we suggest?

  • You will get practical experience in creating of multilevel, interactive and complex web-applications. Learn the details of using JavaScript programming language and object-oriented frameworks on the basis of ExtJS or Backbone.
  • While working on a team project you will get to know such methodology of team development as SCRUM, learn how to use MVC-model and Ajax-technology for creating client side of applications.
  • On this course you will get to know what version control system, unit tests and project patterns are and how they are connected with JavaScript.
  • Obtain theoretical and practical knowledge in Ruby or Python, depending on the profile of the group.


  • HTML, CSS: doctypes, dom structure, difference between block and inline elements, selectors, media-querie, basic skills in Bootstrap;
  • Strong understanding OOP;
  • SQL – queries, normalization;
  • JavaScript – data types, prototyping, closure, basics of jQuery;
  • Understanding of Client-Server communication;
  • English level Intermediate and higher.

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