Development of the Web-oriented software for Linux platforms using Python/ Django or Ruby-on-Rails.

What do we suggest?

  • You will learn Python or Ruby.
  • You will get an access to the unique informational resources and understand the peculiarities of working with Linux operating system.
  • Experienced LAMP-developers will share their knowledge with you.
  • With a cup of delicious coffee by your side you will work in a team developing Web-applications on the basis of Model–View–Controller (MVC)/ Model-Template-View (MTV) architecture, using modern frameworks. You will learn and receive a practical experience of using such frameworks as Django/Python or Rails/Ruby.
  • You will learn how to use MVC-model and REST-services for building an application at backend side.
  • You will receive up-to-date knowledge of creating HTML-marking and using of CSS styles and JavaScript libraries.
  • Apart from all that, you will master the new control system of GIT versions and get to know such methodology of developing software in a team as SCRUM.

Who can apply?

  • Do you have a basic knowledge of OOP principles?
  • Do you have the basic knowledge of database related technologies?
  • Do you have basic knowledge of HTML, CSS and JavaScript?
  • Is your level of English Intermediate+?

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