Training & Development

We create innovative and dynamic environment for professional education and development of professionals of all levels and functional areas.

Our mission

is to help everyone who wants to become better every day.

Our goal

is to put all necessary for effective work knowledge and skills at their fingertips.

By developing, implementing and integrating various learning tools, we not only realize the most interesting and valuable educational solutions but our team also provides practical functioning of modern culture of professional development in our company.

We are aware that the enhancement of skills and abilities of our employees guarantee sustainable development and improvement of the performance of the whole company.

Directions of our work:

It’s not only a solid foundation for the development of leadership and managerial competencies of young managers, but also leading training solutions for experienced managers. Effective leadership development in the company LDC provides, involving only the best experts and using approaches that inspire.

Provides “passing on” of knowledge and best practices in the company through mentoring. This tool focused on individual learning needs comprehensive professional development tool is extremely flexible and productive. By providing another unique access to professional experience colleagues by building effective partnerships and cooperation Mentorship Office promotes confident and competent professionals.

The control center of continuous improvement of professional competences and continuous professional growth of employees through a wide access to all necessary training solutions and development tools. TMG fills the educational process with the best study options of various formats, but that corresponds to corporate standards from the best internal and external experts.