BS Recruiter


Halyna Tomko

Personal recruiter

SoftServe Business Systems provides a great opportunity for Recruitment Expert in Kiev to join company and contribute to our wins while working in projects for global Financial service corporations and FinTech companies in Europe, North America and Asia within our strong team of professionals at worldwide scale.

Are you an experienced Recruiter with multilateral expertise in labor market research, staffing and relations building with candidates, having IT industry centric focus and passioned about tangible achievements in rapidly evolving global business? Are you recognized by your previous Team due to successfully accomplished prior complex projects and building pipeline and community of IT experts?

Do you dream of getting level-up extensive experience due to being engaged as contributor to cutting-edge technology projects development for FinTech industry working with strong Team in Ukraine and industry leaders globally?

If so, take your chance & submit!


Requirements for candidates:

  • Strong experience in IT expert communication and invitation to new projects
  • Hands-on labor market researching (Linkedin, job search sites (incl. Russia and EU) etc.),
  • Strong sells approach in communication
  • Job advertisement, teasers creation, e-mailing campaigns
  • Knowing automation tools of socials parsing, build pivots and analytics of candidates profiles
  • Knowing recruiters freelancers community in Kiev IT market
  • Knowing engineers freelancers community in Kiev IT market
  • Building pipeline of engineering talents of various technology projects, by hands-on market research
  • Сommunication level of English skills for interview purposes with local & foreign candidates and advertisement for job search web-sites developments