Intermediate QC with German knowledge ID41

Quality Control
Kyiv, Lviv

Mykhaylo Hasyuk

Personal recruiter

The core of this project is a windows desktop application for physicians. This software communicates with the medical information system of physicians and seamlessly integrates into their workflows. The goal is to create a benefit for the physician as well as for the patient. For the physician this benefit results in reimbursements and/or time savings. For the patient it is aimed for a potentially better treatment. The desktop application is connected with a private cloud server structure. Next to administrative tasks, like registration of physicians and update mechanisms, there is also analytical data processing located on the backend server.

Example 1: Once a patient is in a visit, the physician gets the notification on that the patient might be eligible for a clinical trial. To achieve this, a rule engine evaluates in- and exclusion criteria based on the medical record of the patient. Checking for trial criteria leads to a reimbursement of the physician.

Example 2: The physician might not be aware of a specific diagnosis and thus miss it for a patient. The analytical system raises a recommendation on e.g. a diagnosis. The ultimate scope of recommendations will be based on machine learning techniques and will include numerous medical factors including lab records, medications, symptoms etc



  • 3+ years of experience in manual testing desktop and web applications (functional, UI, integration, performance testing)
  • Experience with test case management and defect tracking tools like Jira
  • Knowledge of agile development methods such as Scrum
  • Requirements analysis skills
  • Desire to learn automation testing
  • At least Intermediate level of German language