Angular Boot Camp

SoftServe offers a new highly intensive training Angular Boot Camp.

This training is a possibility to:

  • develop practical skills of the modern frontend-developer
  • receive support and advice to help you along the way
  • review core programming topics in JavaScript
  • gain experience of collaboration with the best frontend-development experts

What do we offer?

  • based on your skills, you will quickly gain the knowledge in creation a modern frontend, including the use of the current market leader – JavaScript-framework Angular
  • you will be able to expand your knowledge, both in the creation of HTML-markup (HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap) and in the JavaScript ES6 programming.
  • you will learn about the tools that modern web-developers use: npm, gulp, grunt, bower, etc.
  • you will have the opportunity to get acquainted with the Angular framework: you will learn some of best practices and archetype details.
  • the course will be held by professional experts in the field of frontend-development

For whom?

  • For you, if you already have a strong technical level in Web UI or in a different technology stack (Intermediate and higher, defined by results of a certain technical interview)
  • English Level Intermediate and higher

Duration and course schedule

  • The course consists of 10 lessons (1 lesson – 2 hours in the evening), and will last for 2 weeks
  • Schedule: Monday to Friday
  • Date: Lviv – February 22, Dnipropetrovsk – February 29, Kyiv- February 29, Kharkiv – March 14

Enrollment and competition

  • Admission to the course is carried out after the interview.


  • To sign up for a course, please fill in form here.