Development of relational database using Microsoft SQL Server tools.

What do we suggest?

  • You will get practical experience in using Microsoft SQL Server 2012 to work with Data Mart, data analysis on the basis of OLAP cubes and Data Mining prediction.
  • Working in the team you will learn technologies and ways of working with T-SQL, creating stored procedures, triggers.
  • You will learn how to use Integration Services to work with data warehouse properly, and Analysis Services to work with Data Mining.

Who can apply?

  • General RDBMS knowledge (database, popular RDBMS, Database Objects, Data Integrity, Database Normalization);
  • SQL Server Datatypes , SQL Constraints;
  • Basic T-SQL (select, join, where , order by, insert, update, delete);
  • Business intelligence (BI tools, ETL, datawarehousing, database denormalization);
  • Logical thinking, algorithms;
  • Understanding of Client-Server communication;
  • English level Intermediate and higher.

Recommended Reading

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