Python Technical Lead

LAMP, Software Development
Дніпро, Київ, Львів, Харків

Анастасія Руденко

Персональний рекрутер

SoftServe is looking for Python Technical Lead to join technologically challenging project to the team with the world-famous name!

Project description:

Product is a Web service for internal/private chat and instant messaging. As well as one-on-one and group/topic chat, it also features cloud-based file storage, video calling, searchable message history and inline image viewing. Product is available to download onto computers running Windows, Mac or Linux, as well as Android and iOS smartphones and tablets. A virtual machine version allows Product to run within corporate firewalls.

Service integrates with popular services such as GitHub, MailChimp and Heroku. To allow for more third-party integrations to be added, Product features a REST API and numerous language specific implementations. As of 2016, Product can be integrated with over 100 other tools.

Project – is a long-term initiative aimed on making possible sync between current Product server solution and new comming system.

The team will be responsible for services/tools for robust data migration within different datastores.


General requirements:

  • 3-4+ years of industrial experience
  • Strong practical experience with Python
  • Experience with asynchronous Python frameworks would be a great plus
  • Experience with Twisted framework would be a great plus
  • Highload experience required
  • Production experience with Python 2.7, Twisted, MySQL, Redis, Elasticsearch, Cassandra, Chef, Vagrant, Logstash, Kibana or similar backend technologies
  • Good spoken (Intermediate strong or higher) English is a must


Why you should join us:

  • World known client, in 2015 was awarded the #1 Best Place to Work in Australia
  • Possibility to receive stability and encouraging project
  • Experienced team of Architects will support you in gaining new knowledge
  • Constant and close communication with client
  • Proactiveness and Independency are welcome